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Eyeridium Commissions & Member Events

New Orleans'

wizard World



Before COVID-19 hit, we were able to attend the New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con in January, 2020, marking our debut as an artist collective!

We had 9 artists display their work, under their own names. We had great interest throughout the three days.  And some of our artists were able to work with us in the booth.

We also signed up a new artist! We sold both original and fan base art created by our members of Eyeridium, all Gen Z artists!

Bridging Generations:

Commissions and 




While Eyeridium is focused on Gen-Z artists, we also know bridging out to older generations of artists is very important. They have a lot of knowledge to teach us and to help us understand art industry. And we in turn, have a lot to offer them - understanding a new, digital age of art. 

Thus, it makes sense to Eyeridium to do various partnered projects with Millennial, Gen-x, and even Baby Boomer artists.

Every artist has more to learn from their peers, and we want to find ways to encourage that. 

Contact us if you want to learn more!


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