Multimedia pieces from Sidne K. Gard's Lost and Found Fairies series of work.

Our Story

We are a queer, indie publishing company run by a team of Gen-Z New Orleanian artists.

After two years of making a comic book together, we realized there wasn't much of a space for us in the comic book world. Mainstream publishers and many more traditional shops don't want anything to do with authentic queer narratives and much of the world is not ready for Gen-Z to become the storytellers.

But an integral part of comic book history, one that often gets overlooked in a world full of superhero movies and spin-off adaptions, is that of the fringe culture-- queer aspects of society. Comic books have always been pushing the boundaries of what exists in and outside of the mainstream, and we want to continue that legacy.  

Our Dreams
  • To give opportunity to brilliant young artists for their work to be seen, appreciated, and loved by an outside world

  • To teach business practices, comic history, and compassion to the artists and overall people we work with

  • To present diverse characters that reflect what the world truly looks like

  • To give a culture context for the importance of art forms like comic books and animations 

  • To reflect the Gen-Z experience through our creative work

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Want to join our team?

Here are the steps:

Step 1:

Get to know us

Follow us on social media. Come see us at Cons. Let us get to know you so we can understand who you are and why your work is awesome.

Step 2:

Send us your

mix tape

Submit an arrangement of your coolest art, writing, music, etc. for Sky and Sid to review.

Step 3:

Join our world

Become an official Eyeridium artist! Fill out the invited artist welcome form and start figuring what you want to create with us.

Step 4:

Create together

Create wild and wonderful art that we can sell and  distribute both physically and digitally to earn you money and get your creations known.

"It's a transition metal."

Names mean a lot, especially to two gender non-conforming, queer kids.  And just like us, Eyeridium Press started out with a different name that just didn't fit. So, of course, we had to spend just as much time finding a new, meaningful name for Eyeridium as we did finding our own names. 

And what the is the meaning behind it you ask?

Well, there's Iris the goddess of rainbows, messenger to the gods, and the defining color of eyes, as well as element #77 on the periodic table known for its iridescent shine and rarity. 


For a while, we had decided on Iridium, the name of said metal. However, after naming our logo (brilliantly designed by Skyler) Eyeris, we knew the company needed a matching name-

and thus Eyeridium was born!


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