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Black and Yellow Spider

A woman in a scuba suit emerges from the screen of movie theatre causing a car to hit an artist, who has been dreaming of being a superhero since she was a child. 


An 106 year old mathematician orders a drink while an assassin  performs their latest poem.

Their lives have been redefined and rewritten 37 times before. What makes the 38th any different? 

A drag queen engineer with a love for bad sci-fi movies. 


By Sidne K. Gard and Skyler Yetta


What's a Zine? 

Zines are small-circulated and self published works of art and writing -  basically  mini magazines.  

In the 1970s, the underground comix movement mixed with a new wave of punk music caused zines to boom. They were the original DIY movement

And in a modern age, full of self-publishing and online comic strips the heart and passion of very personal and raw art form of zine has returned

Coming Soon

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